During the event, we will collect real enterprise needs through various channels, and push regional enterprise technology demands to universities and research institutions in Jiangsu and the UK who participate in this event. We will build a platform for technical consultation between universities and enterprises, and provide a good exchange and discussion environment for both sides of technology supply and demand.
For detailed information, please contact:
Mr. Wu at 88167872, Lishu.Wu@xjtlu.edu.cn
Ms. Zhang at 81889175, Wei.Zhang02@xjtlu.edu.cn
  吴老师 88167872,Lishu.Wu@xjtlu.edu.cn
Enterprise demands will be pushed in batches, and the following are the first batch of enterprise demand information:
During the event, an industry-university-research docking channel will be established to provide independent negotiation space and a good communication environment for both sides of technology supply and demand, and to build a platform for school-enterprise technology consultation and technology docking. As one of the series of activities, the "2023" Science and Technology Township Cup "Suzhou International Innovation Challenge" will also be held simultaneously during the event.
Please find the table of contents (in English and Chinese) and the main text (in Chinese) of the 2023 Suzhou International Innovation Challenge requirements compilation in the attachment below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests for translation or further matchmaking.