It will display hundreds of cutting-edge technology projects, intellectual property rights and other latest research achievements from Jiangsu and UK universities and institutes, In the meanwhile, technology demands from industrywill be collected and released, the universities and enterprises at home andabroad will be organized to browse the exhibition, to promote online interaction and exchange.


Building a platform for interaction between government, enterprises and uni-versities, inviting experts from government, enterprises and universities tointerpret the latest policies and to discuss hot topics such as internationaltechnology innovation, university achievements transformation, intellectuaproperty rights operation, industrial development of new technologies, newopportunities and challenges, as well as the difficulties in industry-universi-ty-research cooperation.


Focusing on the critical areas of the Jiangsu industry in the current year, organizing several technology roadshows in different fields to provide a platformfor academic staff from universities and institutes to present cutting-edgetechnology projects and establish in-depth communication channels for aca-demic staff and enterprises.


According to the of both sides of technology supply and demand to organizespecial sessions for universities and enterprises, provide independent negotia-tion space, and build an "online" technology consultation and technologymatching platform.


Jiangsu – UK Technology Exchange Week is an event organized by XJTLU and the Jiangsu-UK Alliance of High-Level Universities. The main objective of the event is to promote international technological innovation cooperation and accelerate the transformation of technological achievements into productive forces, to help regional industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality development.

By taking full advantage of the platform of the Jiangsu-UK Alliance of High-Level Universities and the global ecological resources of the XJTLU to satisfy the needs of local industries in Jiangsu. A communication bridge will be built by organizing the online exhibition hall, thematic forums, technology roadshows and other docking activities between Jiangsu universities, UK universities and regional industries to strengthen the cooperation and communication of international technological innovation, promote industry-university-research cooperation and facilitate the development of the regional industry.