This template is suitable for collecting university technology project showcase content and can be entered by university research management/international cooperation/technology transfer administrative staff after gathering the information. Alternatively, the notification link can be forwarded to university researchers for direct registration and submission. The relevant technology project information will only be used for the Jiangsu-UK Technology Exchange Week event display.
*高校/机构名称 *Name of University/Institute
*姓名 *Name
*部门 *Department
*手机号 *Cell-phone number
*邮箱 *E-mail

* Please click to download the "Technology Project Collection Template", fill it out, and upload it in the box below. Once our team receives and approves your project information, it will be displayed in the "University Technology Project Exhibition Hall."

* 请点击下载《技术项目征集模板》,填写后上传至下方框内,我们后台收到您的项目信息审核通过后将展示在"高校技术项目展厅"中。